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The Best Way to Track Shoppers and Measure Success

Join the best funeral professionals that use Hello Shopper! to train staff, log shoppers, communicate with families and measure success.

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Training staff and building consistency pays for itself

What is not measured, cannot be improved. How many shoppers do you get? How many call in, walk in, or inquire through your website? What services are they interested in buying? What is the potential dollar value of each opportunity? Who is handling your opportunities? What are the outcomes of those interactions?

What is the cost of not knowing?

Shopper Log

Accounting for every opportunity is step one. Most firms have no idea how many people are shopping them.



Urgency is built in. When a shopper is logged, key staff members are notified. No family will ever fall through the cracks



Staff can easily communicate with shoppers from any device. Custom email templates and your documents like GPI are all in the program


Event Tracking

From when a shopper is logged until their decision is made, every communication and event is tracked for easy reference.



Always know how many shoppers you get, how many you win, for what kinds of services, how much pending business is available and more.


Video Training Library

Building skills and consistency has never been easier. Dozens of videos on how to successfully handle shoppers are included with Hello Shopper!

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Build Skills, Serve Families Better, and Grow Revenue